Sisterhood Spotlight!

cropped chi o spotlight

Our beautiful sister, Rachel Sloan, who is always bubbly and happy no matter what!

My name is Rachel Sloan and I am a proud member of the Fall ’13 pledge class! I am a sophomore, Public Relations major and work for The Cougar, student newspaper, as well as being a member of the honors college here at UH. My all time favorite memory is of our sisterhood retreat this year. In my past I couldn’t have imagined 40 women in a room without someone fighting, but in Chi Omega I have learned that as long as everyone is working for one goal and cares for each other, any event can be one that is just fun! I had an amazing time getting to know my sisters better and working alongside them the whole weekend. It’s women like these that inspire me everyday to be better than I was yesterday.

Sisterhood Spotlight!


A few words from our cute sister, Jamison!

My name is Jamison Carson and am a Education major. I am a Sophomore in Chi Omega and also currently serve as our Alumni Relations Chair. I chose Chi Omega because it was the first house that I walked into during recruitment where I felt like I truly belonged. Chi Omega has not only given me a sense of belonging in such a large university, but has given me opportunities to better myself. Through my relationships with sisters, I have learned how to laugh, cry, get angry, and forgive. Chi Omega has not only made me a better person; it has made me a better student, a better friend, and a better leader.

Sisterhood Spotlight!


Our spotlight sister this week is Megan Hernandez! She might be small, but has a big heart!

My name is Megan Hernandez and I joined Chi Omega last Fall! What I love about Chi Omega is that I have found my second family, and will never have to do anything by myself. I have found women that inspire me and make me want to be the best version of myself. One of my favorite memories of Chi Omega so far would have to be winning Frontier Fiesta with Pike! I not only got to make more friends with the gentlemen of Pike, but I got to see my sisters come together and show off their many talents!